The Essential 4Assessment & Coaching Exercise

Discover your hidden strengths and areas of development as a leader. Assess yourself in four essential leadership areas sub-divided into the top 16 Leadership Competencies.

This exercise is a 2-step process and takes approximately 10-15 minutes of your time.

Discover your hidden strengths and areas of development as a leader in a 2-step process that takes approximately 10-15 minutes of your time.

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Mindpurpose Team
You are your only limit Be Limitless

Where are you in your leadership journey and where would you like to reach?

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Leaders need to keep evolving to create and realize new possibilities.
Coaching provides access to develop mindsets and beliefs that help leaders prepare for the uncertain future. Through coaching, leaders create innovative solutions for their businesses and the world, inspiring others with their accomplishments.
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Our Programs
Leadership is about being a leader; to become an authentic leader, one needs to develop a leader's mindset. Our long-term coaching programs ensure a positive change in people's mindset, behaviour and action.
One On One Coaching
Lead Limitless
This leadership coaching program prepares you for the next phase of your leadership journey, whether you expand your overall scope of responsibilities or take over a larger department or organization.
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Grow Limitless
This Coaching program enables you to bring more clarity and focus in achieving your business objectives. What does success look like, where you are currently, and who do you need to become to take your business to the next level? These are some areas where you will have clarity like never before.
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Mind Limitless
This leadership coaching program enables you to think beyond those limiting beliefs and create new sustainable possibilities for yourself and your organization. Through 360-degree feedback, personal interviews, and one-on-one coaching, you will leave the program as a new and authentic leader.
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Group Coaching
The Complete Leader
The Complete Leader is designed for leaders who recognise that leadership development is critical to strengthening their culture and organisational success. This program can be customised to every leadership group in an organisation, from senior leaders to those just emerging and getting ready for future leadership roles.
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The Collaborative Leader
"The Collaborative leader" is designed for organisations and leaders who recognise that strengthening the collaborative culture is critical to their leadership development and success. This program can be customised to every leadership group that needs to work in close collaboration.
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The Accelerator Program
The Accelerator Program is designed for startups who recognise that leadership development is critical to their organisations' growth and for strengthening their culture from the beginning. This is a tailor-made program, and the essential focus areas will be identified only after the pre-assessment, interviews and surveys.
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Our framework
Leadership assessment
Identifying the gaps and areas of development
Leadership possibilities
Discovering the innovative Solutions
Leadership experience
Creating an action plan and taking actions
Leadership reflection
Reflecting on the journey and picking up the next area
Client Testimonials
Mohit Khandelwal
(Senior Executive, TCS)
Mandeep has been of tremendous help to me with his empathetic, gentle, and affirming approach. He helped me move through the grief process, manage my emotions better, find my passions, and develop a career plan where I could live to my passions. I have had experiences with multiple coaches in the past, but Mandeep has undoubtedly been best for me.
Manoj Yadav
(Senior Executive, KUKA India)
Mandeep's leadership coaching had contributed significantly towards enhancing my capabilities in personal and professional life, including extraordinary experiences and relationships with customers, colleagues, friends and family, leading to exponential growth. Since then, I have recommended his leadership coaching to everyone.
Jogesh Kumar
(Senior Executive,Marelli Powertrain)
I had approached Mandeep during my confusion towards goals in both professional and personal life. Anxiety was at its peak level. During one-on-one coaching sessions, I discovered long-standing obstacles to find peace and focus; and a way to overcome those obstacles; we did it all while ensuring we were always having fun.
Amit Kasliwal
Mandeep taught me the skills to overcome my inhibitions when I was struggling. He stayed by my side when I was on this beautiful journey of massive expansion in life. His coaching helped me shape my vision. So, I always recommend his coaching for those who are committed to bringing a change in themselves.
Anurag Dua
(Business Owner)
I had been overwhelmed with the amount of work; Mandeep was instrumental in helping me stay focused. He also helped reduce some tremendous issues that were holding back our progress. Small and practical steps and constant engagement have helped me overcome many fears hampering my personal and business growth.
Brijesh Sorout
Mandeep has brought accountability and ownership to our senior leadership team. As a result, I can observe them taking more responsibility for their work which is why we've made it this far in such little time. I would highly recommend him if you're looking for someone who can help with your personal or professional growth.
Manoj Batra
(Global Leader – Ford)
I am so grateful to have had a professional journey with Mandeep. His coaching has helped me in every way, from achieving my professional goals to assisting people to achieve theirs. This man truly loves his work which shows through everything he does. Thanks again for your passion and dedication to being an excellent coach.
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