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Discover your hidden strengths and areas of development as a leader in a 2-step process that takes approximately 10-15 minutes of your time.

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Change is Inevitable - How to Lead the Change Powerfully
Oct 12, 20222 min read

"Change is inevitable, and leaders understand what it means. They know they can't control the world around them but can control their response to change."

- Peter F. Drucker


It's not enough to accept change; leaders need to anticipate and prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges. As a leader, you are the person who can make meaningful connections between seemingly unrelated events to create innovative solutions for your organisation to implement the change and to sail through successfully.

 Change is inevitable; how you react will determine whether your company thrives or dies. Change can be challenging, and it will take effort to get there. Leaders must lead the way and show their followers that they're willing to do the work. Some people may resist or not know what changes are needed for their company, so leadership provides direction. It takes courage and strength of character but ultimately provides a better foundation for success.

 We tend to live in the past. All our knowledge and experience come from the events that occurred in the past. To lead others during change, we must anticipate the future. And if we want to predict the future, we must stop living in the past and think from the future. We must work on creating a possibility instead of just reacting to possible outcomes.


Tips that can help you lead through change:

  • Identify what you want to change and why

  • Brainstorm solutions together with your team

  • Create a plan of action, including specific steps that will lead to success

  • Get buy-in from leadership, so they can help support your initiative and keep it moving forward even if things get tough.

  • Create a plan with clear steps on how to make this happen

  • Communicate the plan internally and externally

  • Implement changes by giving people time, resources, and support when needed

  • Evaluate progress periodically to see if there are any unintended consequences or problems that need addressing (and then adjust accordingly)

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